Linux logiplex.net 5.7.6-gentoo #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Jun 26 21:04:26 EDT 2020 x86_64
load average : 0.04 , 0.13 , 0.06 :: uptime : 43 days, 6:58:07
Sun Aug 9 11:03:42 2020 EST5EDT
Packet, IO and CPU rescheduled :: Memory quotas :: Preemption :: Per-IP bandwidth quotas and port throttling :: FQ-Codel/DSCP/ECN :: DNSSec
IKE1 and IKE2 VPN with IPv4 and IPv6 on 1-10GiBit/Choopa metered in New Jersey/USA
[ Native ] Gentoo with a system wide SELinux policy and spectre{1,2} and meltdown patches; random kernel heap; non-exec-stack, stack protected and ASLR userland and more.
Free TLS/SSL web certification from Letsencrypt
This server will only transfer 15 GiBytes a month to any one IP

This VPS is paid into 2027 and configured to sustain. More funds will be periodically added. I may eventually automate these messages here with precise timing. The CGI for this website is written in C

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