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Wed Mar 20 03:47:13 2019 EST5EDT
Packet, IO and CPU rescheduled :: Memory quotas :: Preemption :: Per-IP bandwidth quotas and port throttling :: FQ-Codel/DSCP/ECN :: DNSSec
IKE1 and IKE2 VPN with IPv4 and IPv6 on 1-10GiBit/Choopa metered in New Jersey/USA
[ Native ] Gentoo with a system wide SELinux policy and spectre{1,2} and meltdown patches
Free TLS/SSL web certification from Letsencrypt
This server will only transfer 15 GiBytes a month to any one IP

As of 02/26/2019 this VPS is paid for a year and a half long and configured to sustain. More funds will be periodically added. I may eventually automate these messages here with precise timing.

Want to donate? Bitcoin: 12gvg4Z5upTLQCXvApStFwARL8JFcGTMGQ

Bitcoin Cash: qpv4ysckckr5s0vnavrxrchxmwltcxqffsglpysk8w

Ethereum: 0x1a41073D904b577c73bAd1f0571e667b6a908D1do

tick.nj.logiplex.net is a public realtime-scheduled NTP server in New Jersey, which at the moment is this same VPS.
tick.hk.china.logiplex.net is dedicated to responding to NTP requests in the HK/CN/Hong Kong/China zones/region. Its bandwidth allotment is half a TiByte a month so it may be sometimes overloaded, and so it may drop out of the pool during the month. As of Sat Mar 2 2019 it was paid for a year. The CN zone needs a lot of help, as it is severely overloaded. This VPS is able to accurately respond to two thousand requests a second, for the time, given its monthly bandwidth quota at $25 a year. Help with the ntp pool project if you can and add your server. is a seedbox I have setup for what I feel are the most important public linux torrents that will fit on its disk. It has 2GiByte of memory and two cores and 5TiByte of bandwidth a month. As of March 5 2019 it is paid for a year. This was a mistake purchase that was meant to be used for more NTP support but happened to be an ISP that filters outbound port 123 udp and has an OpenVZ clock off by 15 seconds.

Mirrors: tptp.cc

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